I'm hoping this isn't a long term arrangement because it's not working. But we currently have O who is 2 and J who is almost 5 (but developmentally probably a little younger). They basically have to be separated at all times. O wants to hit him, throw things at him, etc. He does things that invite that behavior (sitting really close and saying he doesn't want to be touched, teasing her, etc.).

How do you deal with siblings at this stage? The amount of time when they're getting along is about 10% and pretty much only if we are outside or on an excursion. We are doing time outs for O but it doesn't seem to help much. Haven't quite figured out consequences for J because he's new to us and super sensitive and has so much trauma. Time outs seem to be a trigger, but we need something because as it is there is no listening ever. UGH. Why is tomorrow a holiday?!