The last thing I expected to take away from our childbirth class this weekend was a fear of the epidural and the interventions it would require and ramifications of it... but that's what happened. I'm not sure I'm all, "I want to do it totally unmedicated!" but I'm definitely more committed to waiting it out as long as I can.

I'm most afraid of being tethered to the bed and not being able to move into positions more favorable for pushing, and the interventions that may come with it (catheter, IV fluid, internal monitoring), as well as the potential ramifications (slowed progress leading to more interventions, difficulty pushing leading to c-section).

Did anybody elect to get an epidural and regret it? I know that typically when you're induced you need one to manage pain and that the Pitocin you've already received means you probably won't fail to progress, so I'm more interested in women who were NOT induced and still chose to receive it.