Who has a toddler in a daycare/school environment that has been bitten? How many times has your LO been bitten? What is the staff reaction? What is your reaction?

I'm reaching my limit with biting. I love our daycare but we can't seem to escape biting. LO is nearly 18 months and in about 4 months time has endured about 20 bites. We just dealt with a repeat offender who got moved to the next class. Now we inherited another one that just moved up into our class.

The staff takes it seriously and has a new game plan each time it occurs but it just doesn't seem to stop for more than a week. And now that the discussions have reached a much more serious level we know that our LO is being targeted more than any other child. Our LO is also one of the "happy/social" kiddos.

Tell me all about your experiences.