If you've done a chore chart for your LO, when/how do they get a reward?

While we've got some extra time (ha! extra time, what's that?) this summer, I'd like to reinforce some of the basic "chores" I'd like my 3 and 5 year olds to do regularly. The reward aspect, I think, gets a little tricky - while some things can be done multiple times a day, some might only be "available" to complete once or twice a week. For example:

-Put shoes back on shoe rack
-Clear your own dishes from the table
-Put your folded laundry in your drawers
-Unload children's flatware/plates from dishwasher
-Clean up (specific) toys when asked to

I think it's waaaayy too complicated to assign a "value" to each task at this age, so I was thinking everything is worth 1 sticker, and when they fill...what? A row? A whole chart? they get a reward. So I'm curious what goal other kids have had to meet before earning their reward!