I sent my husband to Cheesecake Factory to buy a whole cheesecake. Turns out they didn’t have that flavor or no longer carry it. They told him this after he had already been waiting a little bit (long enough to be drinking a beer at the bar). Their solution is to sell him half of the same cheesecake but in the larger size. He’s already been there a while and we were waiting at home to celebrate a birthday. He takes what they offer, they refund him the difference and he leaves.

I think they should have offered a better solution. Half a cheesecake with the little white paper dividers still attached just isn’t as fun to present as a birthday cake. They could have offered a different flavor, an extra slice for his trouble. The problem was on their end.

Full disclosure: I feel like we’ve been seeing crappy customer service all around. My husband works in the service industry and is being pressured to make cutbacks all around but keep the same level of customer expectation (pretty impossible) so I get they might not be in the place to just give us the whole cheesecake at some sort of steal but maybe the larger size with 10 dollars off for his time? IDK SOMETHING?!

Further full disclosure: I used to work at Cheesecake Factory!!! I know employees get 50% off all cheesecakes. I’m not even asking for that level of apology. Just something that’s says “we understand we screwed up, our menu was wrong, our employee should know the menu, and sorry we wasted almost an hour of your time”...