This may be the wrong site to post this, but here goes. Every time our doorbell rings, I try and be careful just in case the person is a hitman or about to do a home invasion.

If I don't recognize the delivery person, then I will ask them how I can help them before opening the final door. I will also do a visual scan to see if they're holding a gun, and to see if their hands are visible or not. Because if I was trying to whack someone, I would definitely pretend to be delivering a package... then after they confirmed their identity with a verbal confirmation and a signature, I would take them out with a silencer.

So far, no hitmen or home invaders have slipped through the net! I feel kind of paranoid about doing this stuff, but ever since having kids I am a lot more careful about opening the door. Because what if something happened to them, and it was my fault for opening the door??

Do you ever worry when the doorbell rings, and do paranoid crap like me? Or are you a normal sane human...