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  1. KT326

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3085 posts

    Today is our third day and it was a rough morning! First day was great, drop off was fine, pick up from after care was fine. Second day, drop of was fine but when I picked him up he was almost in tears saying he didn't want to go back. This morning the teacher had to come rescue me so I could leave. Big fat tears from him as I walked out of the class. I cried on the way home. And to top it off my 8 month old cried when I left him at daycare. He never does that. I know it will get easier, we had a tough transition to preschool too.

    I feel like I need a mental health day.

  2. tequiero21

    honeydew / 7966 posts

    Wow some of u guys started early! I did find out my kids start 9/5. We will find out and meet the teachers on 8/31. Can't wait to see who else is in their classes. They met some friends at camp. I also joined a buddy system where they pair your kid up w one other friend - instant friend? We have a buddy play date the Sunday before Labor Day. Should be fun!

  3. MamaCate

    pomegranate / 3481 posts

    @KT326: ugh what was the response in the afternoon? We have all had days like that! I hope the weekend gives everyone a chance to rest and recharge for the next week!

    @tequiero21: I know it is super early out here! We are done before Memorial Day though. I grew up in the Midwest where school started right before Labor Day, so this is much different in the Southwest! Some of my friends have kids on a year round calendar and they start late July! The buddy system sounds great!

  4. Finfan

    persimmon / 1436 posts

    We have our school open house tomorrow night and LO will meet her teacher. She will also be in before-school care so I need to learn about their procedures, etc.

    Any tips for what to ask?

  5. MamaCate

    pomegranate / 3481 posts

    @Finfan: oh I am just seeing this. How was meet the teacher/open house? When is your first day?

  6. Finfan

    persimmon / 1436 posts

    @MamaCate: it went well, thanks. She starts Tuesday. We also met the principal and checked out the extended care space.

  7. katsupgirl

    nectarine / 2238 posts

    @Finfan: was your DD excited after meeting her teacher?

  8. yoursilverlining

    eggplant / 11824 posts

    We had our intro day today and it went sooooo well! I'm so relieved! LO has been very anxious about starting K for weeks now ("what if no one likes me?" "What if no one wants to be my friend?") and two little girls wanted to play with LO within about 15 minutes of us getting to the class. The teacher is lovely and they have specialist classes in STEM, music, library and art on a weekly basis in addition to their normal classroom stuff. I'm still nervous about lunch, but LO kept talking about how EXCITED (and not nervous!!) she is for Tuesday. Phew.

  9. KayKay

    pear / 1961 posts

    We started on Weds and now have Fri-Mon off for Labor Day. A 2-day week was a great way to start; just enough to get a taste of the routines & rhythms but definitely needed the break already for some extra sleep & stress relief, I think! Overall the first days went well. No tears (from either of us! ha), and she is excited to walk in herself from the drop-off line next week. After the first day, her assessment was: kinder is great! it's AMAZING! better than exciting!

  10. abmamma

    kiwi / 641 posts

    Tomorrow is the first day for us!! Any words of wisdom for those that started earlier? DD is excited and she has had an opportunity to meet her teacher and some of the kids in her class though the "K-prep" week she did a few weeks ago. We got to meet her teacher Friday and see the classroom and everything seems good. I'm still nervous about the bus but hoping it all goes well. And yet, I'm still pretty emotional today thinking about her headed off to school. I have had a lot of stress in various parts of my life the last few months so am sure some of my emotions are more about that than Kinder but... sigh. I can't believe how fast its gone! Anyone else feeling sappy or is it just me?!?

  11. Finfan

    persimmon / 1436 posts

    @katsupgirl: just saw this! She was acting very shy to meet her teacher (she isn't normally shy)! We didn't get much 1:1 time with the teacher at back to school night. It seemed more to answer parent questions than anything. We will see how tomorrow goes!

  12. katsupgirl

    nectarine / 2238 posts

    @KayKay: that's awesome! We start on Thursday. Hope it goes as well for us!

    @abmamma: also feeling super sappy.

    @Finfan: have a great day tomorrow!

  13. bhbee

    grapefruit / 4176 posts

    We had our first sick day on Friday strep already! I'm wondering how bad it's going to be with illness this year. Thankfully my 2yo didn't get it from her.

  14. MamaCate

    pomegranate / 3481 posts

    @Finfan: @abmamma: how were your first days?? The

  15. Finfan

    persimmon / 1436 posts

    @MamaCate: the first day itself was okay. Had some behavior problems on day 2 but the rest of the week was better.

  16. abmamma

    kiwi / 641 posts

    @MamaCate: I'm behind on replying! The first week went great! She loves school and the bus has been fine too. Our only major issue has been her having to get up and get going earlier. Last week was ok because she was excited but this morning she was in tears because she was tired and didn't want to get up. Trying to get her in bed earlier with hope that she will adjust quickly. Thanks for asking!

  17. katsupgirl

    nectarine / 2238 posts

    Does anyone else's kid come home from school bouncing off the walls?

    I need some ideas for what to do with her after school to direct that energy positively. My husband suggested the playground but I need some inside ideas as well.

  18. mauxie

    persimmon / 1043 posts

    Just wondering do your Kindergarteners have weekly spelling tests?! My daughter is finishing week 2 of K and had her first spelling test today. She gets homework M-Th-- it's easy and she enjoys doing it so no big deal, but I thought the spelling tests were a bit absurd so early into the school year! It's not even just simple word families (at, sat, cat), it's sight words too (down, come). Ugh.

  19. katsupgirl

    nectarine / 2238 posts

    @mauxie: not us but we only just finished the 1st full week of school. Tests weren't mentioned in the "syllabus".

  20. bhbee

    grapefruit / 4176 posts

    @mauxie: that's intense! We've done 4 weeks and I haven't seen any real homework yet. certainly nothing we have to turn in or study for! We do have a laid back teacher.

  21. katsupgirl

    nectarine / 2238 posts

    What's the work been like so far for everyone? We haven't had any homework yet. So far the most challenging thing has been writing lowercase letters.

  22. KT326

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3085 posts

    @katsupgirl: ours has homework Mon-Thurs. it's mostly been tracing numbers and letters, recognizing numbers and being able to draw a certain number of something. Super easy stuff that takes maybe 10 minutes. He's in after school care so they actually have set homework time and he does it there! I just check it when he gets home to make sure he hasn't missed anything.

  23. Finfan

    persimmon / 1436 posts

    No homework at all.

    the only thing close is a weekly show and tell object we send in from home. So I just have to remember to have her pick out an object that fits the theme for the week.

  24. katsupgirl

    nectarine / 2238 posts

    @Finfan: we have show and tell every Friday but no theme. I almost forgot this week. Good thing my DD looks forward to it and already picked something.

  25. KayKay

    pear / 1961 posts

    @mauxie: yikes! we don't have anything like that.

    So far everything has been way less academic than I expected, at least given all of the viral info going around about how K is the new 1st. They are mostly working on letter sounds and basic counting/numbers; so preschool work but at a faster pace (a letter a day-ish). And yes to the writing -- focused on proper printing on lined paper, using lowercase, forming the letters correctly (top to bottom, right to left), etc.

    K said that "everyone" in her class (by her assessment at least!) knows all of their letters and numbers. I assume it's just a refresher to both ease into the school year, make sure everyone's generally on the same page, as well as just assess where everyone is this first month or so of school.

    No weekly/nightly homework. We have had two "projects" -- one to make a tagboard about a summer memory and now one to make a tagboard on where their name came from (due in a couple weeks). But those have both been given several weeks in advance and don't take much time anyways.

    @katsupgirl: mine comes home pretty wired too. somedays we play at the playground after school, but she is usually overtired and hungry at that point, so at some point ends up crying and crazy. so other days we just come home, eat a snack, and then play in the backyard. trying to get as much fresh air and outside time as possible while it's still light & warm after school!

  26. kiddosc

    grapefruit / 4099 posts

    Has anyone noticed behavior changes in their LO with the Kindergarten transition. We're a month in, but the last week E has been a little bit of a terror. Whiny, defiant, arguing about EVERYTHING, and yesterday he told us he had to sit out twice that day for throwing blocks. He's been in daycare his entire life and I thought this would be an easy transition since he's already used to the long days out of the house. This is all so out of character for my guy though and I'm struggling with how to help him adjust. We're trying out an earlier bedtime, more one on one quality time, more discussions about his day and what he's thinking (but he doesn't want to tell me much.) Anyone else have more ideas for a kiddo struggling?

  27. Finfan

    persimmon / 1436 posts

    @kiddosc: any improvement?

  28. KayKay

    pear / 1961 posts

    @kiddosc: how's it going? i didn't see this when you originally posted we didn't end up with any major behavioral issues during the transition -- I was actually overprepared, I think, because while I knew the hours wouldn't be much different, I assumed that there may be social stress. She has mostly adjusted better than expected. The one thing I do try to do is just give lots of free play for her to do whatever she wants after school and on the weekends. She is a bit more introverted (like me), so a lot of times, she likes to sit and do some sort of art by herself. But other days, she wants to play imaginative games with her sister, run around the house, etc. I just let her take the lead. And for weekends, we try not to have too many plans, so she can just hang around the house and do whatever she wants....but we have options for outings that we offer/suggest if she (and sister) want to too.

  29. KT326

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3085 posts

    So how is everyone adjusting to Kinder?

    We've had a few phone calls from his teacher (and converstions in the morning during drop off) regarding behavior... She started a sticker chart before Christmas break and that worked really well for transitions. After Christmas break she really didn't even need it because he was doing so well.. until he punched another kid last week during lunch The teacher told me the other student stepped on his foot, I'm not sure if it was an accident or was done maliciously, but my son hit him.

    I was so upset to hear that. He was sent to the principal's office and written up. He lost all screen time privileges for the rest of February and lost access to all his beloved legos. He also had to sit out of all the 100 days of school activities the teacher had planned. I'm hoping that all this makes him realize his actions have consequences.

  30. KT326

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3085 posts

    @kiddosc: How is he doing with the adjustment? Did an earlier bed time help? With my son, he has to be in bed by 7:15 and asleep by 7:30. When he goes to bed later I noticed he has a harder time the next day. We also have to do a big breakfast.

  31. looch

    wonderful pear / 26092 posts

    @KT326: I clicked on this thread thinking that it was the thread I started on Kinder last year and saw your post.

    I wanted to let you now that last year when my son was in Kindergarten, we had a very similar experience to what you are describing above. A year later, now in first grade, things are completely different and we haven't had any issues whatsoever. I really think that last year, there were so many factors that contributed to my son's terrible behavior, including other kids and their maturity levels. It seems like this year, it's all leveled out. I guess I just wanted to offer you a view from the other side.

  32. KT326

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3085 posts

    @looch: Thank you for the insight! We had some issues in preschool too, thankfully Kinder hasn't had quite as many. It is so encouraging hearing that first grade has been better.

  33. matador84

    papaya / 10560 posts

    This is so interesting catching up on this thread. My DS entered kinder as a 4 y/o but turned 5 in the 2nd week of school. His writing, reading and math skills have blossomed! I was so worried about sending him early, and told his teacher from the get-go I'd be fine retaining him in kinder. She told me at his parent-teacher conference she can't even imagine not sending him to first next year.

    I still get so nervous for when he gets older though and it might catch up to him!

    Rarely do we ever have homework (he is at a private parochial school).

    @KT326: That seems really harsh to me! I'm an admin at an elementary school and I would probably give a couple days lonely lunch/missed recess. I really try not to doubly punish kids if I can avoid it. Hoping things get better for you and him!

  34. KT326

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3085 posts

    @matador84: we’ve had issues with hitting and aggressive behavior. I have zero tolerance for it now. I’ve tried other methods and nothing else has worked.

  35. matador84

    papaya / 10560 posts

    @KT326: I'm not talking about your consequence, I'm talking about the school consequence--the write up + missing 100 days.

    You would be surprised how often 5 year olds show hitting/aggressive behaviors. We sit it in the office almost daily multiple times!! Mostly it is just a phase.

  36. KT326

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3085 posts

    @matador84: Gotcha. They actually only had one activity planned for the 100 days. He still got to go on the field trip that morning (I was also a chaperone). I really hope this phase passes soon.

    I just got another phone call from school and he spent most of the afternoon in the office today. He had two temper tantrums before lunch. Could not keep his hands to himself during lunch and another tantrum after lunch. He had to miss his valentine party.

  37. matador84

    papaya / 10560 posts

    @KT326: You should see if they would allow you to sit in class with him (if you can). We offer this often to parents because we really don't want the kids to miss the learning!

  38. KT326

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3085 posts

    @matador84: I might try that. I did when he was in preschool a couple times and that seemed to help a little bit. I've noticed a pattern though, the bad behavior usually happens right before they are supposed to do something fun. Like the 100 days of school activity or the Valentines party. Earlier in the year they had some other fun activity planned and he had to sit out because he couldn't behave leading up to it.

  39. 808love

    pomelo / 5786 posts

    @KT326: Also be careful with language before next big event. Give lots of positive messages instead of fear based ones. You are going to have a great day. I believe in you. You have had many many days of using your hands properly. Would you also like to watch a movie (get a cookie) this weekend? Lots of happy build up. Basically fill his tank for a few days before. Role play in the name of playing positives events with action figures, stuffed animals or just as people Set him up for success.
    My daughter had two incidents in kinder and everything went away in first grade. I didn’t get mad or cry but I was concerned and just so relieved it worked out.

  40. KT326

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3085 posts

    @808love: That is exactly what I am trying to do. I'm giving him lots of praise for the good things he does.

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