Backstory is I had a miscarriage at eight weeks on December 27, 2017. I have yet to start my period and my husband and I have been sexually active but we have not been able to time ovulation or anything. I’ve been having some symptoms that made me question if maybe I could be pregnant. I had an annual exam on February 5 in which they did a urine pregnancy test that came back negative. Today, I took a cheap dollar store and got the following results. Let me preface this by saying I took a test and looked at it right away and unfortunately my 19 month was old daughter stole my attention and I got busy. When I initially read it it said negative (I looked at it within a minute of taking it). After about 30 minutes, when I realized that I had not looked at it again, I checked it and saw this second line. What do you guys think?? Would you consider it invalid since it had been passed the 5 minute time and I’m not sure at what point that line may have shown? Is it for a evap line? Would you text again today or wait until the morning? Thanks!