LO1 goes in the pool every other day with me, May 1-Sept 30 (5 months). He did last year at around 1.5 years old and is now 2.5 years old. He is a "fish" with his puddle jumper.

I am thinking about enrolling him in swim lessons in the winter, *maybeeeee*. His 3rd bday is Jan 27th. Do you think this is too early? When did you have your child start to practice without a puddle jumper, obviously with you right there? When did you start real swim lessons (not mommy-and-me play-in-the-pool "lessons")? Did you choose to use a swim vest or arm floaties at some point, and when?

I'm especially interested to hear feedback from pool-owners or those with regular access to a pool, please! I've seen that regular exposure to a pool makes a real difference in my circle of friends-with-kids.