Exactly what the title says. Have you ever changed jobs from one field to another?

If so how did you do it? How did you use your history in one field to land a job in another field??

I am needing to get out of my current field and I applied to my dream job Friday, I was immediately disqualified bc "Unfortunately, you are not the right fit for the position at this time". Such a line of crap. And so artificial....

**I wrote back and told them they were mistaken and what I lacked in experience I could easily learn so I requested they keep me in the running. I was then sent a list of questions to answer... but who knows if that was just a way to brush me off***

Anyway, I want to switch fields and I am looking for anyone who has done so successfully. Give me your ways/tips/strategies.

And don't leave out your old job and your new one.. for fun