i pump once a day now. towards the end of december, i've been pumping erratic amounts. like ranging from 2 to 8 oz. and the times that i pump on the low end, by the time i feed my kids, my boobs are like rock hard. so i don't think it's about supply. i think maybe my nipples are getting so big that the shield isn't effective anymore? not sure. but tonight, i pumped .67 oz which is fine because i had to feed my girl to sleep cuz she was being so fussy but this whole week, i didn't pump more than 3 oz. at this time, i used to pump at least 7-8 oz. there were times i pumped like 10-14 oz.

fyi, i still breastfeed my kids like 4x a day. bottle a day. and solids 3x a day.

should i buy a bigger shield? i've been breastfeeding 9 months and i'm shooting for a year, so i hopefully have 3 more months to go.