Current situation: We have a U-shaped sofa (two chaise lounges, with a loveseat in the middle) from Interior Define. The sofa is low to the ground, the fabric has pilled badly, and the cushions have not kept their shape. I am returning the sofa and really wish I could replace it with another sofa from I/D, but they don't have what I am looking for.

My requirements for a sofa are caramel/ cognac leather and deep seating (min 25"+). I am between two sofas and could use your help.

Option 1: Is another U-shape from USA Premium Leather. (pics attached is an I/D sofa to give you a feel for the shape and a dark brown sectional from USA Premium Leather that shows you the style of the sofa).

Pros of a U- everyone that lives in our house can lounge
Cons- makes it harder to use the coffee table close to the sofa b /c its 40" diameter leaves 9" clearance on either when inside the U. And due to the overall size of the couch 124" adding end tables extends the (open concept) room too much. This couch may not fit in another space if we move.

Option 2: Is a 3-seater extra long sofa. (pic attached is the C+B Axis II Grande in 105")

Pros- the couch is deep seating and even with feet up will be comfortable for binge watching. No issues with pushing up the coffee table as close as I want. No issues with fitting in end tables. If we move this couch will likely fit in another home.

Cons- No chaises to lounge. No additional edge of couch overflow seating. With this option I would probably get additional poufs.

DH is no help. He's fine with me getting another sofa, but has said two things: I like the U and that's a lot of brown.