I haven't been feeling well lately and thought it might be wise to take a HPT. Note: I'm 6m pp, and AF hasn't returned, still nursing a ton, so I feel like it's a slim off-chance I would get a BFP anyway. So, anyhow--I took a test earlier last week and it was BFN in the 3 min window, I tossed it in a drawer and forgot about it. About a week ago, I reached in the drawer and noticed it had two lines. I thought there is no way that could be right, so I dismissed it and went and tested the other test. It looked negative to me (I took the test at work), and I tossed it in my bag because I am ridiculous and didn't want someone to notice my office restroom trash can having a test in it. I pulled it out of my bag yesterday and it had two lines. I was like okay...this is crazy. Both tests were FRER's. So--I told DH yesterday to get a digital. He got a digital and it took FOREVER to read, and finally came up negative.

What's the deal? I have 3 kids and I've never had this happen with any tests. WWYD? Test one more time?? Definitely negative? I honestly don't have time to go to a lab and get a blood test done!