I discovered this by reading the Hellobee forums yesterday, and am somewhat traumatized.

My wife pointed out that Alex is really smart... my response was that he knows the answers ahead of time! Oops, I should have said, he knows the *question* ahead of time. If I was ever on Jeopardy, I would consistently fail to answer in the form of a question.

Anyway I actually really like Alex myself, so it's all good. He's actually a pretty funny fellow. Here's one of his answers to a question from TIME magazine:

What is your weirdest Jeopardy! experience? Phillip Lombardo WANTAGE, N.J.

Alex Trebek: Before the Ultimate Tournament of Champions, I overheard our three contestants talking before the show. They were saying, You know what we should do to throw Alex off his game? We should take our trousers off. So I took my trousers off, and I walked out without pants. And that really blew them away.

Haha, good one Alex! I still don't find you attractive though.

I'd like to conduct an informal poll to settle this matter. Do you think Alex Trebek is smart? And do you find him attractive?

Thank you in advance for answering these important questions.