Does this mean what I think it means?!! It's SO FAINT....?!!!

Omg, I can't believe I'm someone who's posting their pregnancy test on the internet, but I need some confirmation/reassurance!! And who would I go to besides my fave HB'ers?! Some of you might have seen my post earlier this morning saying that my PG test didn't show ANYTHING. And I haven't had a chance to go to the store yet... so I decided to re-pee on the stick (sounds gross, but it was still sitting on the counter, not in the garbage!!).

I'm in shock right now... I'm heading to Target shortly to pick up some more sticks... and maybe a cute onsie to share with DH tonight!! OMG OMG...

Backstory: I was on Clomid for 4 or 5 cycles with no success. Went off it last month, and started charting for one cycle, and here I am... whoa.