My 6-year-old is a know-it-all. He's smart and wants everyone around him to know it. This week I got a call from his teacher that he apparently said, "Why can't she read that book? I can read that book and I'm younger than her!" and tears started to well in the girl's eyes.

We spoke with him about focusing on his own work (and by the way, he's not a strong reader AT ALL), not making others feel bad, recognizing that everyone develops skills in their own time, etc. but I have a feeling this "I'm the best!" thing is part of his personality that we'll have to continually work on. I love his confidence and don't want to break his spirit but obviously it can't be at the expense of others.

Any ideas on books, movies, or anything else that could help promote kindness and humility? Listen to Tim McGraw's "Humble and Kind" on repeat??