For some reason LO being sick this time around is REALLY worrying me.

6 weeks ago, LO, DH and myself all got Noro Virus. It was nasty. We were puking, had horrendous diarrhea, and were just miserable for about two or three days. I got so dehydrated that everything that came out of me (i,e, poo) was completely clear. I felt bad for LO and was so sad for her, but I knew she would get better. And she did.

Now, she is sick again with flu-like symptoms. Yesterday (her birthday), she woke up with a very high fever and was shaking violently. I instantly called the on-call pediatrician (I thought she was having a siezure), who said that shaking was a normal way that children respond to high fevers. He said to give her Tylenol, she would be okay, etc. etc.
While on the phone with him, she threw up all over me.

I didn't get worried yet. I just figured "Another flu. Ick. I can handle this." However, the entire day I don't think she lifted her head up for more than five minutes. She just slept on me the whole day. When she wasn't sleeping on me, she was crying. She would wake up, cry, and then fall back asleep. She didn't eat any solids, but did breastfeed throughout the day. After throwing up in the morning, she didn't do it again.

Last night, she was awake crying the entire night. She refused to be put in her bed, and only wanted to be held. The longest stretch she slept was two hours, and that was from 5 to 7 a,m. in bed with me.

This morning, the diarrhea started. Her fever finally broke today (it was 102 or so for about 24 hours). However, she still won't stop whining or crying. She won't walk, crawl, or even sit on her own. She will breastfeed and drink water, but still no interest in solids.

Why am I so worried? It just seems like the normal baby flu, right? I keep telling myself that a high fever and throwing up can be symptoms for a lot of things, not just the flu. I am getting myself so worked up, which is so out of character for me!

It doesn't help that my BEST FRIEND just text me and said I better take her to the children's hospital STAT, becuase her friend's kid had flu-like symptoms two weeks ago and is now brain dead. Wtf? Is my kid gonna be brain dead?

I could totally take her to our Ped, but I just don't feel like they do much. They have me strip her down to a diaper, they weigh her, take her temp, and then tell me to push fluids and give her Tylenol. That's it.

Ugh. I don't even know the point of this post. I feel like I am having my first mommy freak out moment ever (pretty good since it's been a year!) My MIL is telling me it's just teeth, but really? Could they be THIS bad? Her other teeth broke through no problem.

Can any medical professionals put my mind at ease? What would you do?

I don't know why I'm so worried!

ETA: Apparently the child my friend was referring to had Rotavirus. This is something that is vaccinated against now, but until the vaccine almost every child had it before the age 5. So I have no clue how the kid ended up brain dead.