I just took our pump and bottles off because supposedly insurance is going to pay for a pump. And I don't want to get bottles that aren't compatible with whatever pump we end up getting. They keep telling us different things, though! The latest is that we can order a pump from a medical supplier 2 weeks before my due date. And I think they'll cover the cost of a hospital rental if needed in the meantime. I really want to have everything at home and not have to worry about this!

Anyone else in a breast pump conundrum? Are you buying/registering for one just in case or putting all your hope in your insurance? If there wasn't plenty of other stuff left on my registry that I want people to buy, I would leave the pump on there, I think. Also I'll be a SAHM so I plan to pump mainly as backup, assuming all things (boob plumbing-wise) work like they should.