For mothers day, DH got me cheesecake, 2 bath bombs, and a cute pillow. He also did whatever I asked of him that day, which was getting us to church on time, watching a movie with me during nap time, and taking my toddler to the park for 3 hours.

For the week before fathers day, he is getting a 5 day solo vacation in his hometown, where most of his family and friends live. Me and the kids aren't coming because it would be too expensive. I am staying home with a rambunctious toddler and a 4 month infant who hopefully won't be going through a sleep regression.

Is his solo vacation enough of a present for Father's Day? Should I do anything else? Maybe a card, some fun money? Money is kind of tight right now. Do I need to work at making the actual Father's Day special?

For reference, growing up, his family never really made big deals out of any holidays and they always rescheduled things because his dad was a cop.