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  1. magnolia

    clementine / 994 posts

    @Jessiemuller88: I’m so sorry i have been through a similar loss and it’s absolutely heartbreaking. I’m thinking of you and your family

  2. Mrs. Toad

    clementine / 983 posts

    @Jessiemuller88: I'm so sorry. Take care of yourself.

  3. MrsJBeeG

    kiwi / 537 posts

    @Jessiemuller88: I am so sorry to read your post. My prayers for you during this difficult time.

  4. MrsJBeeG

    kiwi / 537 posts

    @SupernovaJ: thanks for asking. I’m waiting on blood results but no appointment for almost a month.

    Just had terrible nausea before dinner and experienced a minor case of vomiting for the first time. I feel slightly better now (always so weird). It’s hard to find comfort in any of this at the moment so I’m going to lay down before I tackled dishes and just ignore everything and play amindless game.

  5. Mrs. Toad

    clementine / 983 posts

    @MrsJBeeG: Ignoring everything is my normal. I've been doing that since the kids bedtime. I'll make tomorrow's lunches and finally go to bed myself.

  6. MrsJBeeG

    kiwi / 537 posts

    I feel so successful! Because I actually got up and did all the dishes from dinner. And without vomiting. Lol this was never the standard for me prepregnancy but I’m counting it as a win tonight. Wow was it a rough day for the symptoms. I’m envious (now) of anyone with mild symptoms. 6w4d and this doesn’t seem to be a good sign for my next 6-7 weeks.

  7. foodiebee

    cherry / 216 posts

    @Jessiemuller88: I'm so, so sorry to hear this.

  8. MLE81

    pea / 22 posts

    @Jessiemuller88: I am very sorry for your loss.

  9. MLE81

    pea / 22 posts

    Just wanted to update that, as expected, my ultrasound this morning confirmed that this is not a viable pregnancy. They suggested I take the weekend to decide what I’d like to do, but I asked for a prescription for misoprostol just in case as I’m leaning towards “getting it over with”this weekend.

    Thank you all for your support....I wish you all happy and healthy pregnancies.

  10. Mrs. Toad

    clementine / 983 posts

    @MLE81: I'm so sorry.

  11. skinnycow

    persimmon / 1493 posts

    @MLE81: I'm so sorry to hear this.

    I totally understand wanting to get it over with - I was the same way. Sending good thoughts your way.

  12. SupernovaJ

    persimmon / 1072 posts

    @MLE81: I am so, so sorry. Thinking of you.

  13. SupernovaJ

    persimmon / 1072 posts

    June 2019 Moms

    SupernovaJ: June 2
    Foodiebee: June 15
    Mrs. Toad: June 15
    MrsJBeeG: June 16
    Skinnycow: June 18
    Mrs. Blush: June 21

    Sending so much love to Jessiemuller88 & MLE81

  14. skinnycow

    persimmon / 1493 posts

    My nausea has returned full force. I'm not puking or anything but just have a constant feeling of queasiness.

    We're leaving for Disney World today so hopefully I'm not miserable the next few days!

  15. Mrs. Toad

    clementine / 983 posts

    @skinnycow: Have fun! Hopefully, all the fun things will prevent you from thinking about the nausea. I'm debating DW in March as I have a conference in Cape Canaveral.

  16. Jessiemuller88

    apricot / 323 posts

    @MLE81: I decided to take the Misoprostol this weekend. I’m happy I made the choice, so I don’t have to wait around for it to be over. I’m sorry you are going through this too. It sucks. Hugs.

    Thank you everyone else for your kind words. I’ll be leaving HB for a while.

  17. MLE81

    pea / 22 posts

    @Jessiemuller88: I also took mine yesterday, and was relieved at how physically painless the process was. I feel “lucky” in that sense.

    I am so sorry, again, for your loss, and I wish you the best.

    To everyone else, I hope you continue to have happy and healthy pregnancy journies. Hopefully I will get to jump back on a new due date board in the not so distant future.

  18. MrsJBeeG

    kiwi / 537 posts

    @Jessiemuller88: @MLE81: I know a few of us have had to deal with what you’re dealing with. I’m just so sorry it happened to you and best wishes.

  19. MrsJBeeG

    kiwi / 537 posts

    I experienced my first craving this morning. I hate peanut butter with a passion. Like the smell makes me gag. As I was in my cupboard looking for bread to make a slice of toast - I thought - I need to get new peanut butter so I can make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich - that sounds so good. And I felt like I was possessed given how much I loath peanut butter.

  20. SupernovaJ

    persimmon / 1072 posts

    @MrsJBeeG: That's hilarious. While I love PB in general, the thought of having it NOW makes me nauseous.

    I bought a box of Nabisco Premium saltine crackers (minis) and have been snacking on them at work. Saltines really have been helping, but do wish they made them without oil. I'm extra sensitive to anything even remotely "greasy". I'll probably check my pantry at home to see if I have any other dry crackers.

    I had an ultrasound on Friday and everything looked good. Baby was measuring 8 weeks 5 days then. I have blood work in another few weeks, not sure why they didn't do it at the same time though.

  21. Goldengirl

    kiwi / 560 posts

    Does anyone know of any secret/closed FB groups for June/July 2019 mamas? I'm not a huge fan of posting personal stuff here since it's a very public/searchable forum... but would be open to joining a private group.

  22. SupernovaJ

    persimmon / 1072 posts

    @Goldengirl: I did a quick search and there seem to be several, however I haven't joined any of these groups personally. I just typed in "June 2019..." and the below popped up.

  23. Goldengirl

    kiwi / 560 posts

    @SupernovaJ: I saw the same but am hesitant to join any of those because who knows who's in there! I thought maybe someone from this group had one.

  24. SupernovaJ

    persimmon / 1072 posts

    I got my Sea-Bands in the mail yesterday and the nausea is better today. It's taking the edge off even though certain smells will still trigger nausea and I have food aversions. Overall feeling noticeably better--the nausea was getting unbearable especially in the late afternoons/early evenings. Anyone else tried these? I was so skeptical. How is everyone doing?

  25. Megatherium

    grape / 85 posts

    Hello June Moms!
    Location: Pasadena, CA

    EDD: June 3rd, 2018

    How far along: 9w1d

    First child? I have two boys-ages 3.5 and 1.5

    First doctor appointment: I already had my appointment to check blood hormone levels with the NP at 7 weeks, but TODAY is my first ultrasound. I had an early miscarriage this past year so I am going to feel much better once I hear the heartbeat.

    Any symptoms so far? Lots of nausea in the late afternoons and tons of food smell aversions.

    Who have you told? My husband, my mom, a cousin and a few close friends. Also, the daycare because I needed to get on the list. I haven't told my sister yet because she cannot have children and I'm dealing with a lot of guilt for having a third. She is an incredible aunt to my kids and I know she will be nothing but happy for me, but it's still difficult.

  26. Megatherium

    grape / 85 posts

    I am backing away from the caffeine and having just one matcha a day instead of two. Sometimes the starbucks refreshers are just enough for me.

  27. MrsJBeeG

    kiwi / 537 posts

    @SupernovaJ: I ordered some but my OB nurse recommended I switch my prenatal vitamin to evenjng - that seems to have really reduced my daytime nausea to where at least at the moment I feel pretty decent.

    @Megatherium: nice! I bit the bullet last week and went through caffeine detox. Terrible headache for 2 days but since the smell of coffee was making me queasy - it made sense.

  28. skinnycow

    persimmon / 1493 posts

    I'm back from vacation - it was a nice distraction from thinking about my pregnancy too much! I'm still feeling pretty good. I get slight nausea occasionally but nothing terrible. Only four more days until my first appointment!

  29. SupernovaJ

    persimmon / 1072 posts

    June 2019 Moms

    SupernovaJ: June 2nd
    Megatherium: June 3rd
    Foodiebee: June 15th
    Mrs. Toad: June 15th
    MrsJBeeG: June 16th
    Skinnycow: June 18th
    Mrs. Blush: June 21st

    Welcome @Megatherium!

  30. skinnycow

    persimmon / 1493 posts

    I don't know if this is normal but I'm already getting "lightning crotch"... I had it with my daughter near the end of my pregnancy but it seems a little weird to have it so early?

  31. Mrs. Toad

    clementine / 983 posts

    @Megatherium: Welcome! I have two as well, about the same ages you have (just turned 4 and 1.5)

  32. Mrs. Toad

    clementine / 983 posts

    My appointment Monday can't come soon enough. I want more drugs to counteract the nausea. It comes and goes in waves ALL DAY LONG and has been occurring since shortly after my positive. It was bad with my first two but it didn't start until 6 weeks.

  33. MrsJBeeG

    kiwi / 537 posts

    Ugh. Feeling so crummy today. The nausea is really bad. I hate to be on here whining but this is really difficult to ignore.

    Hope everyone else is doing well!!!!

  34. Mrs. Toad

    clementine / 983 posts

    @MrsJBeeG: Whine as much as you want. I'm in the same boat. I'm only surviving by doing the absolute minimum. I've been taking Unisom and B6, but I think I'm taking more than I should. Even then, I'm still laying down most of the time.

  35. MrsJBeeG

    kiwi / 537 posts

    @Mrs. Toad: thanks! My DH was awesome yesterday - did dishes, made me lunch and dinner and even went grocery shopping on a Saturday evening. I just feel so much better when I am resting and laying down.

    I’m very grateful to be pregnant after the trying and losses but never knew how bad the symptoms can be in the first trimester. I’m constantly amazed that many women do this more than once!!!!

    Although I think my dog loves me being pregnant as she’s gotten more couch snuggle time with me in the last month than she probably did for 6 months before that.

  36. skinnycow

    persimmon / 1493 posts

    I have my first appointment (and ultrasound) in about two hours and I'm super anxious/nervous about it. I could barely sleep last night! My last ultrasound was a year ago (almost exactly) when we found out about my missed miscarriage and I feel like I have PTSD from the experience. I'm terrified to go in that ultrasound room again.

  37. MrsJBeeG

    kiwi / 537 posts

    @skinnycow: fingers crossed for you!

  38. MrsJBeeG

    kiwi / 537 posts

    Having a rough morning here. I think it’s time to say goodbye to my amazing and sweet 15 year old dog. Emailed several vets in the area who do in home euthanasia and will provide the ashes when it’s complete
    She’s just been so ill and struggling with so much - to include doggie Alzheimer’s which I didn’t know was a think until 8 months ago. I’m so not ready to let her go - she was my dog long before I met my DH. I’m looking at having it done Friday when I’m off work. DH agreed last night but then wavered so I think I have to stick to my guns and be the one to carry through with it. So so so so sad this morning - makes it easier to put aside pregnancy worries and misery to focus on enjoying the time I have with my amazing dog.

  39. skinnycow

    persimmon / 1493 posts

    All is good. Measuring 8w1d (a couple days ahead) and heart rate of 165bpm. I'm so relieved.

  40. skinnycow

    persimmon / 1493 posts

    @MrsJBeeG: I am so sorry I can't imagine.

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