My 5 year old is Lego obsessed, and we recently realized that she has the makings of a village in her completed sets so we’ve been putting them together in Lego base boards so she can play with them. Great idea, except I cannot figure out where and how to store this sprawling complex of hers. I’ve been googling ideas and everything keeps coming up short. She plays in the living room so we don’t want to move it all to her room, and she plays on the floor so we’re trying to keep them accessible for her, but we can’t find a decent space to stash them when she’s not home. Our couches aren’t high enough to slide them under there, I’m concerned that putting them under our desk will cause someone to ruin it all with one push of a chair, and the one “toy” stand we have in the living room, she would have to move them on and off the shelf every time. Which I guess might be ok, but I’m searching for creative solutions. Pic for reference.