So - to give background...we live in the suburbs of a large midwest city. Our neighborhood is going through a rejuvenation - we purchased in early 2014 and were the first home sold in like 2 years in the sub. Since then probably 15 houses have turned over - all empty nesters selling to young families. The neighborhood is catered to young families.

In the middle of our sub, one street does a big circle, those homes all back up to a 10-20 acre park (I'm ball parking here). The park has nothing in it. Last year the HOA made the weird choice to plunk a cement pad in a corner and place a "pavilion" like structure over 2/3 of the cement pad. It was a weird choice, but their intentions were good - provide a structured seating/eating area to encourage families to get in to the park.

At our association meeting this week we all brought up the idea of installing a play structure. The neighborhood initially had one, that was removed because it had not aged well (I suspect this was in the late 80s or early 90s). We're not talking anything grand - I mean I'd love to have a toddler structure and a 5-12 structure, but I'd settle for the bigger one along with some swings of course. My inquiry is this:

1) Would you be offput by a one time assessment to install a professional play structure? Say in the $100-200 ball park.

2) Would you be willing to contribute more than that in order to either have a nice play option walkable or perhaps to avoid having to do a structure in your own back yard?

3) Would you oppose the structure entirely?

Some neighborhood facts. We're talking about a well established neighbor in one of the best school districts. 2-3k sq foot homes which have been selling in the 400-500K price range. All homes that surround the park (in the area the structure would be installed) have some decent amount of foliage to protect their serene view. The park is virtually unknown to those outside the neighborhood - our location is rather tucked away and therefore not a high risk for many outsiders coming in. Our association already has a $1M insurance policy which would cover such a structure in the event of an accident.