My daughter is really picky/sensitive. She has one fleece that she is willing to wear and it has gone missing. I feel nauseous over this because the fights that happen when we ask her wear anything other than it are terrible and can cause the morning to drag on and on and on, which makes us all late.

I know this sounds nuts to some (and honestly before I had my daughter, I'd be the one saying, "oh please, just buy her something else and deal.") But I appreciate you dealing with my plea.

Her "coat" is the Cat and Jack (Target) unicorn hoodie in size XS. I have called every store in my area and they are all out. It's been out for a while and I know I'm really stretching it to find it but....

If you would be willing to go to Target and pick up a sweatshirt (and ship it) for me, could you look and see if your Target has one in stock? I am willing to call the Targets to see if they have it and to put it on hold. I'll pay you to buy it and ship it to me and add a little extra to make it worth it. The Target stores near me are all out.

I'm that desperate.