LO1 turns 2 on Jan 27. LO2 is due Feb 23. I will be home from Feb 23 - Aug 1, when LO1 is about 2.5.

I wasn't really on board at all with potty training right now, I wanted to wait until April or May (or later) but MIL has been pushing it here and there, and she is our babysitter (and will stay babysitting during maternity leave). Also, LO1 poops have gotten nasty and I'm quickly more and more open to potty training for that reason alone. He has most signs of readiness but NOT the communication abilities. Of course, his readiness is the #1 factor.

If your LO1 turned 2 around / soon before LO2 came around, what did you decide to do with potty training? Train before or after the newborn period, and why?

Having 2 in diapers is not intimidating to me.... currently.