So... my sister's friend (a photographer) who so kindly did our maternity pics was also really excited and wanted to do a maternity boudoir shoot for her portfolio. I didn't really have any qualms about it since I'd done boudoir pics before our wedding too. She JUST sent me the pics and her proposed blog post layout and I have to say I'm kind of STUNNED.
IDK how else to put it. The pics are gorgeous, don't get me wrong. I know DH will LOVE them because he has really been into my pregnant figure.

Even though I PINNED a ton of similar, and even "racier" pics for inspiration, I am kind of shocked to see myself looking 1) SO pregnant! (duh, I was 37 weeks!), and 2) Feeling a bit shy. I think maybe it's mostly because you can see the darker aereola through the fabric and just so much soft, plumpish skin.... IDK...the past couple of weeks has been crazy since I really don't think my mind has caught up with what my body looks like! I'm actually surprised that it's me in these pics! Really? I look like that now? Seriously if I didn't have it documented, I don't think I would realize it, and definitely not "remember it" in the future!
There are some really beautiful pics though, and after I go over them with DH, we'll approve some for sure for her to use on her site. Debating whether or not to share a couple (but on the Gold side only!)

Did YOU take any maternity boudoir or bare belly/sexy pics when you were pregnant? How did you feel about the pics?