If you have a front loader how to you strip your diapers?

I think I may have a detergent buildup problem. Our prefolds smell like Windex when LO pees. It's pretty overwhelming, so I think I need to strip them? Has anyone used the sanitize cycle on your front loader to successfully strip your diapers?

My mental plan so far is to wash my diapers normally. Then fill my tub with vinegar and hot water and let the diapers soak. Then rinse the diapers and place them back into my front loader and wash again without detergent. Or should I do the sanitize cycle with no detergent? Can you tell I'm clueless Haha. Any help would be appreciated!

Also if you CD what detergent do you use? We currently use All Free & Clear and I knew starting out that I may have problems since its not exactly considered cloth diaper friendly. I've been looking into trying Country Save... what's your fav detergent?