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Sum sum summer deals!

  1. mrs. bird

    GOLD / bananas / 9372 posts

    @mrs. wagon: woohoo! i saw your instagram that you were there great score!

    old navy today only, $5 swimsuits for women, girls and toddler girls!

  2. s1lly

    cherry / 130 posts

    $5 off gift cards to jcpenny, gap, and iTunes at micheal's (until 7/27!) the best deal is the $25 card for $20. I grabbed a whole bunch of gap cards and a couple of iTunes for gifts.

    Also, silicone baking cups at the 99cents store, they had round and heart shaped ones. Target has a 2 pack of large silicone cups in the dollar spot.... Good for those bento boxes!

  3. allison

    pear / 1895 posts

    Target (at least one in the FL panhandle) had some Gilligan & O'Mally nursing bras on clearance. I got a wireless blue one, and they also had an underwire with flowers. They were less than $9!

  4. allison

    pear / 1895 posts

    Free nursing pillow at NursingPillow.com with code BREASTFEED. You pay S&H.

  5. yin

    GOLD / pomelo / 5942 posts

    Girls' Salt-Water sandals for $18 after 40% off discount on sale items at J.Crew with code STYLE40. Free shipping on kid's items. Limited sizes available.


  6. rattles

    GOLD / nectarine / 2960 posts

    Two organic ergo carriers, solid brown, at my local Marshall's for $69.99! Another girl there said she'd seen them at the other store nearby too!

  7. mrsjyw

    hostess / wonderful coffee bean / 18493 posts

    Ergo Carriers in PBB print on BabySteals today at 52% off!

  8. immabeetoo

    GOLD / honeydew / 7688 posts

  9. littleveesmommy

    GOLD / persimmon / 1341 posts

    @mrsjyw: argh I was supposed to be on lookout for an Ergo for a friend and the ONE day I didn't check the boards in the afternoon. =( subscribing...

  10. mrs. bird

    GOLD / bananas / 9372 posts

    thanksmama.com has a bunch of great discounted items!

    boba wraps $20! they're labeled as new condition discontinued style in chocolate brown

    new Happy Heinys Mini Pocket velcro diapers only $7.99! (without insert)

  11. lawbee11

    GOLD / papaya / 10927 posts

    @wheres_c: Are you still looking for a PNP? There's one on NBD for 39.99!


  12. wheres_c

    GOLD / grapefruit / 4985 posts

    @lawbee11: aww rats! thanks for looking out. We ended up buying one for $60 :(. thanks though!

  13. immabeetoo

    GOLD / honeydew / 7688 posts

    play tunnel & tent - http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00885KB4O/ref=nosim/?t=slickdeals&ascsubtag=w_YshPopEeKG4xrqAdQZcAMwu_sTbe3_0_0_0&tag=slickdeals&linkCode=as1 we have a set of these from my sister and LO loves them at 8 months.. as did my nieces at age 7 (still!)

  14. immabeetoo

    GOLD / honeydew / 7688 posts

    Free Honeysuckle breastmilk storage bag https://www.facebook.com/ChooseHoneysuckle/app_302195676460262

    also they say on their page " If you need a sample from Canada, email our associate peter@emeraldaisleimports.com."

  15. jetsa

    pomegranate / 3350 posts

    Hey ladies, I'm on the look out for a diaper bag. I'd prefer to spend $50 or less and want lots of storage but other than that I'm not picky.

  16. immabeetoo

    GOLD / honeydew / 7688 posts

  17. mrs. bird

    GOLD / bananas / 9372 posts

  18. immabeetoo

    GOLD / honeydew / 7688 posts

    Glamour mom is on baby steals!

  19. mrs. bird

    GOLD / bananas / 9372 posts

    on amazon if you buy a DaVinci crib (they own babyletto, so that's included as well) you get a mattress free with it!
    the babyletto skip is a great deal- it's already 22% off, and it comes with the toddler rail, so for $305 you get the crib, toddler rail and mattress! or they have some less $$ ones, the davinci reagan 4-in-1 is 31% off at $158 and comes with the toddler rail and free mattress!


  20. mrs. bird

    GOLD / bananas / 9372 posts

    seems like the clek foonf is all the rage on HB, amazon warehouse has a few open box (these are open box, sometimes the packaging might be damaged, but the seat is unused, it should still have all the tags attached to the seat). this one is in 'drift', which is black on black, for $308.12!

  21. mrs. bird

    GOLD / bananas / 9372 posts

    baby jogger city mini deal!!!

    joggermom.com 15% off w/ code back2school2013 & a free parent console! so stroller shipped with the console is $212.49

  22. tysonja

    pear / 1946 posts

    for canadian moms -- joe fresh has their new line of skinny jeans (3 washes) for boys and girls on for sale right now! regular 12$ a pair, for the month of august they are 2 for 12$ not elastic waist, but does have an adjustable waist inside. 1T to 5T sizes!

    I bought 2 pairs for LO (boy) and they look really good! the cut is great. I think I'm gonna get another 2 pairs in the next size up so he's set for the winter!

  23. mrs. bird

    GOLD / bananas / 9372 posts

    there's an open box mountain buggy cosmo stroller in stone for $473.71 on amazon warehouse!

  24. betsyboop

    nectarine / 2886 posts

    Old Navy's ruffle bottom leggings for girls (a staple in my LO's wardrobe!) are advertised as being on sale for $5 but when I checked out, each pair came out to $2.06!!! And footed PJs are $10!

  25. mrs. bird

    GOLD / bananas / 9372 posts

    15% off graco infant carseats on amazon with code: Infant15
    they have the Graco SnugRide Classic Connect 35 Infant Car Seat in Vance already 26% off the retail of $169.99, add the coupon code and it brings it down to $106.43! or Graco SnugRide 30 Infant Car Seat in lexi, retail $109.99, already 18% off and with code bringing down to $76.46! others to pick from here:

  26. mrs. wagon

    blogger / squash / 13745 posts

    @mrs. bird: dang girl. I wish I knew you when I was shopping for these things!!! ;D

  27. Jellyfish

    cherry / 245 posts

    @mrs. bird: We had been looking for a discount on the snugride30 and finally ordered on amazon yesterday with the discount! yay! another thing to check off our list thanks to you

  28. immabeetoo

    GOLD / honeydew / 7688 posts

    Seams Karmic (online consignment) is going out of business so everything is 50% off. Some really cute organic stuff in baby girls! http://seamskarmic.com

  29. mrs. bird

    GOLD / bananas / 9372 posts

    @mrs. wagon: well, you could always have another... I'll happily shop for them

    @Jellyfish: Yay!!!! I love hearing when ppl buy things from the deals threads!

  30. Meltini

    apricot / 455 posts

    @mrs. bird: Thanks for the link to the baby jogger city mini deal! We are planning on buying the City Elite and the 15% discount works on that too! Cheapest price I have found for it so far. Now we just have to agree on a color and I can order it!

  31. mrs. bird

    GOLD / bananas / 9372 posts

    @Meltini: yay!! it works on everything on that site i think, but it seems like everyone is always asking about deals on the mini. the city select is awesome though!

    robeez on zulily today! $14.99-19.99!

  32. regberadaisy

    hostess / wonderful grape / 20984 posts

    @scg00387: does the price shown reflect the 50% off?

  33. immabeetoo

    GOLD / honeydew / 7688 posts

    @regberadaisy: I believe so

  34. mrs. bird

    GOLD / bananas / 9372 posts

    Kate spade sale!!!!!!!

  35. jodyblair

    cherry / 220 posts

    @mrs. bird: You beat me to it! I just came here to post this i bought a Stevie baby bag at last year's sale and got it in red this year. LOVE this bag!

  36. mrs. wagon

    blogger / squash / 13745 posts

    @mrs. bird: I should NOT have clicked that. I'm totally IN LOVE with my stevie baby bag and I'm so tempted to try another one of their baby bag styles...!!!!!!! STOP IT MRS. WAGON!!!!

  37. immabeetoo

    GOLD / honeydew / 7688 posts

    Planetwise seconds sale http://www.nickisdiapers.com/seconds-sale.html

    Naturally Trendy -cloth diapers, other baby stuff

    Store closing sale! Tons of items are already discounted, and when you use the coupon code diaperpin you get another 30% off of your order.

  38. Boheme

    GOLD / papaya / 10474 posts

    @mrs. bird: I got two PumpEase bras! Thank you!

  39. mrs. bird

    GOLD / bananas / 9372 posts


    @mrs. wagon: if you do cave, go through ebates for 3.5% back i this one! the SPLODGE DOT RANDI BABY BAG

    @grizz: yay!!

  40. mrs. bird

    GOLD / bananas / 9372 posts

    free shipping on NBD with code: SCHOOL

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