DH grew up with having an Advent Calendar and we plan on putting one up for DD when she's big enough to open her own gifts (maybe next year). According to him, it's a bunch of tiny gifts children open every day starting Dec 1st up until the 24th. They only get to open 1 each morning and on the 24th, they open the big gifts that night (when Santa comes).

Since this is all new to me, I'm a little curious and look it up on Etsy and notice all their Advent Calendars are up to the 25th. I guess others celebrate differently.

If you celebrated with an Advent Calendar growing up, what was your tradition? What types of gifts did you get everyday? What types of gifts will you plan to give your LO everyday? Also, how old were you when you stopped having it?

Sidenote: here's a nice Martha Stewart DIY link I found:

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