Hey y'all, I just wanted to say thank you and goodbye for now. I have been involved with the HB community for over 5 years now and I've really made some wonderful IRL friends through this place, but I've decided its time to move on. I recently deleted my Facebook account and I'm shifting over to having less social media in my life, so I'm taking the leap and saying goodbye to HB as well! Thanks for being there through my infertility struggles, colicky/reflux babies, toddler struggles, etc. It really has meant the world to me.

I was just going to slip away without any kind of post, but I really wanted to leave my e-mail at da.yizzle@gmail.com in case anyone needs help with reflux babies. Its what I'm most often asked about and feel the most passionate about helping new mamas with. (DS1 was. a. nightmare.) Feel free to pass on my contact to anyone and I'd be happy to email with them.

Thanks again!