I keep going back and forth on if I really think DD is dairy intolerant. I know there are some mama experts here and wanted to run this by you all and see what you think.

Reasons I think she might have a problem:LO is EBF and is 4 weeks old. She has been a great eater since day 1. for the past 2 weeks she has been getting progressively fussier after eating.She is content and 5-10 minutes later screaming and wincing in pain. Nothing really seems to help her pain-burping between sides, gas drops. her Up until the past couple days she hasn't spit up at all and now she does, but not in a large amount. She has times where you can tell she was gagging or about to spit up and swallows it.Her skin is also getting really bad, she has areas that I think are baby acne and then areas that are more welt like. She is really stuffy, she has always had issues with mucus.

Reasons I am still not sure: Her stools are still yellow. They are explosive, but not mucusy or bloody. She doesn't fuss after every meal, I would say she fusses after about 60% of her meals. And her rash is only on her face and chin, nothing on her body.

So all in all I am not really sure either way. What do you mamas think> I have done quite a bit of reading already, but any good resources are always appreciated!