In general we've been reasonably happy with my 3 month old's daycare. However, at the end of last week and again today I dropped him off midday because we had morning appointments, and it is making me wonder about the quality of care when parents aren't there versus what I observed when I stuck around during drop off and pickup.

Last week when I dropped him off, there were three babies wailing in their cribs. I hung around for probably 10 minutes and they were crying without being attended to throughout this period. I kind of assumed they were trying to get them to nap and maybe just let them CIO until they fell asleep. Today, there were again three babies wailing loudly (not just light fussing) in their cribs when I came in. After a few minutes, one caregiver got one of the babies, changed his diaper, and then gave him a snack. Later, she got another one. From the way she talked to them, it seems like they had already napped and had woken up, rather than being left their to fall asleep, but it was taking a long time to get them out of their cribs. When I left after probably close to 15 minutes, the third baby was still wailing in the crib. There were two other teachers in the room who were sitting their playing with babies but didn't seem to be doing anything that couldn't be interrupted so I don't know why the kids were left to cry in their cribs for so long. I know I should probably ask about it before freaking out but am not sure how to broach the subject.

We recently got off the waiting list for one daycare with a slot opening in June (requires a year contract) that I'm pretty sure is better and another that I *love* everything about that has a slot open in September. They both have long waiting lists and preschools attached - so could affect where he is for the next five years - and want a decision asap. Hence it is stressing me out even more, because to the extent we are unhappy and want to pull him, finding other childcare won't be easy and potentially affects the decision I make in this regard. Where we live, care isn't readily available, as centers around here all have really long waits.