My family has been battling a virus for a while. It's kind of just a bad cold (with a phlegmy cough, lots of congestions), and it also came with pink eye for my older daughter and husband.

On a related note, ever since having kids, I have battled chronic dry eye, and often my eyes are red and kind of blood shot. I've been to an eye doctor a few times before and basically the only solution is artificial tears and warm compresses.

On Friday at work, my eyes were INSANELY painful--like burning. And much more red than usual. I have the major congestion and cough and thought I must have also gotten pink eye. I work with kids, so I was concerned about being contagious and I left work early and went to a new eye doctor close to my job (just because it's right by my work, they take my insurance, and I thought it would be convenient). Well, the whole appointment sucked. The eye doctor was weirdly combative--like at one point, I tried to ask a question and he cut me off and said "Well, I'm not finished talking. Wait until I'm finished to ask questions". But my question was about what he just said and he was rattling off so much information that I couldn't keep it straight and I needed some clarification. Sure enough, by the time he finishes his spiel, I had forgotten. And then I got home and couldn't remember his long directions. He also seemed to take offense to some random things I said, and then he also tried to diagnose me with some things that are not in the realm of an eye doctor.

Also, he said I didn't have pink eye and basically brushed off my concerns. He sent me off with directions to pick up 3 different over the counter eye drops, which I got on the way home.

I've been using them all weekend and here I am again at work, and my eyes are on fire. They hurt just to keep them open, one is bright red, I keep putting in artificial tears and it's not better.

What do I do now? Also, my husband is out of town so I don't have a lot of "free time" on my hands for appointments. Go to urgent care? Try a new eye doctor? Regular doctor?