We currently live in a higher cost of living area. When we bought our house 10 years ago, we bought in the best town we could afford, knowing that the schools were mediocre but small. Fast forward to the oldest being in 1st grade and our schools have gotten worse while prices all around us have sky rocketed. We’ve been thinking of moving but if we wanted to move to a town nearby with better schools we’d be paying at least 600k for a pretty crappy, tiny house. Traffic is also awful in all the surrounding towns including ours, while I know some have much longer commutes we’re looking at at least 45 minutes but usually an hour or more by car one way most days. Towns even closer to our jobs and that crappy tiny house is closer to 800k.

DH grew up 6 hours away in a very LOW cost of living area of the country, taxes are high but schools, parks, town rec etc are all really awesome. We could get an amazing home there for well under what we’d sell our current house for. I could definitely work remotely for my current job and keep my salary, and I’m pretty sure DH could find a job there. Traffic is a non issue in that area. But my own parents are currently an hour away from us so we’d be flip flopping who we are closer to and I don’t really love spending time with his sort of crazy family, though I do know they’d help us more with childcare emergencies than my own currently do.

I love our town and the community we’ve built here, but it feels like we could have a different less rat race feeling quality of life elsewhere, and with 3 kids that is weighing on me a lot lately!

What would you do? Have you made a big move decision like this? How did you decide?