We are very fortunate that DH gets 12 weeks of fully paid paternity leave. I am not sure he will actually want to take that much because he loves to work, but I am thinking he will be off for at least 4-6 weeks.

We have very different personalities. He is Type A, loves a clean house, loves to stay busy. I am much more laid back, kind of ADHD, a procrastinator

We will have our 3.5 year old who will be in preschool 2 days a week and of course a newborn. I may be recovering from a RCS though hoping for a VBAC. We'll have some family visiting periodically, but we don't live near any family.

Oh, and DH will still be in his Executive MBA program with class on Monday evenings and regular school work. No full time expectations though.

I am just wondering what to expect! I want us to be on the same page while knowing that there are so many variables. Mainly I don't want to drive each other crazy.

I feel like the natural thing is to divide and conquer when it comes to the kids - so I am in charge of the newborn and he is in charge of the 3 year old. But I also would love to take advantage of the opportunity for family time, for him to bond with his new baby, and for me to hopefully get a little one-on-one with my first LO while I have someone to help with her sibling. (All of this is ambitious, I know.)

Any suggestions?

PS: I feel like I have posted about this before (back when it was hypothetical - I love to do that) but I can't find it!