My daughter has been potty trained for about 4 months, but she seems to have power struggle issues with the bathroom. She sometimes refuses to use the potty at times that she HAS to go. It's often before nap or bedtime, and sometimes it is when she is clearly doing a pee pee dance! After we spend far too much time getting her to even get on the potty, she then stalls in the bathroom and refuses to finish up and get OUT of the bathroom.

I have tried walking away after she is on the potty, but she isn't awesome at wiping herself correctly (she's already had a few infections as a result) and she sometimes starts playing around with the garbage can etc. She may also just start playing with the water in the sink (for an extended amount of time) instead of washing her hands. I dream of the day when she just uses the bathroom efficiently and like a normal person! Any advice is appreciated!

Edit to add that this isn't every time. It usually happens only about one time each day.