I need advice. We plan on making an international flight to visit my family. The main reason is so my grandma (she's 89, but healthy) can meet DD and everyone else can meet her as well. The rough plan was to try to plan a baptism while we're there, which is already a little tricky because all the Catholic churches in the area are super strict (we didn't marry in church). But I think I found a non-denominational church that would do it.

Just recently I got a call from my mom saying the nurses that are taking care of my grandpa (who's been living in a home) says to start planning because he doesn't have much longer. It's not a surprise for us as he's been struggling for a while now. They've started hospice care and it's a comfort he's getting some peace. But my mom is taking it pretty hard, she's visited him almost everyday religiously for a year since he's been put into the home.

My question is about the baptism. Obviously, she can't help with planning it and it's a little tricky for me to plan everything overseas. But it feels not quite right to have to plan a party right now considering the state of my grandpa. Although our trip isn't planned until a few more months.

Do I just scrap the baptism idea? Should we just have an intimate gathering? Should we just go on with the plans, we are traveling thousands of miles to do it?

If she doesn't get baptized now, it'll be awhile before she'll be able to again (plus we're mainly doing it for my mom/grandma).