DS will be 21 months when we go so I think it's going to be a lot of beach, pool, meals, naps and some in-town adventures. Everyone raves about Beaches, but is it really worth it for us? Are there other great resorts that would work equally well with a little toddler? I am doing a lot of googling and reading TripAdvisor reviews, but I trust the bees! Any experiences to share?

We definitely want:
- TC and Provo for location
- all-inclusive
- amazing food
- soft sandy, quiet and shallow beaches
- tot-friendly pools, wading areas, play areas
- tot-friendly restaurants
- excellent overall service and a high quality resort

We aren't really into or needing:
- babysitting and nannies
- adventures for older kids (snorkeling, wave pools and stuff for bigger kids)

Beaches' amenities do sound amazing for older kids (camping and ponies on the beach!), but I'm not sure we need all of that at that right now. On the other hand, we could return year after year and grow into it. Just don't want to get sold on the hype!