My son turns 2 in a few weeks and has never dropped his middle of the night nursing sessions. We nurse before bed and in the morning and I like those, but the 2am ones are wearing me thin. I tried to cut out the MOTN ones a few months ago and it was horrible for both of us, probably because we co-bed. I'd like to keep the before-bed session, but it feels like I may need to quit full stop.

Did anyone else wean a toddler without a lot of turmoil? The other stories I read involved many days of tantrums. Should I cut it cold turkey? Maybe try to dry up completely so he knows it's "all gone"? Or should I try a slow weaning process?

I'm so lost. I thought I'd be happy to nurse until he self-weaned and am not happy about cutting him off, but I'm also not happy with our nursing relationship anymore.

ETA: I've been doing "don't offer, don't refuse" but the boy asks every time!