... Did you go cold turkey, or gradually? I'd love to hear stories from both.

I've got a two year old (almost 28 months) who is CRAZY about the boobs. He needs it to fall asleep at night and nap time, and requests booby several times a day.

He does not use a paci or bottle, or have any kind of lovey. He sleeps with me (DH has his own room) and uses booby to fall back asleep at night. He wakes up 3-4 times at night. But I feel so ready to stop now. I feel bad about it considering our rough start, but I'm getting annoyed with BF.

He wants it when he's bored, fussy, watching a show, after getting a boo-boo, after playing outside. Blehhh. I do not want to be nursing a 3 year old. I just don't.

I'm not against using DH to help us wean the night feedings but I'd prefer to handle this on my own. I'm leaning towards cold turkey method but I'm unsure of taking on that battle.

So please, share your experience. Thanks in advance!