Believe or not, there are three Bees who have become Wonderful Pumpkins... with over 15k posts on the boards!!

So we thought we'd add a whole new set of bee levels... we are calling them the Wonderful Bee Levels!

apple seed: 0
pea: 5
coffee bean: 25
olive: 50
grape: 75
cherry: 100
apricot: 250
kiwi: 500
clementine: 750
persimmon: 1000
pear: 1500
nectarine: 2000
pomegranate: 3000
grapefruit: 4000
pomelo: 5000
cantaloupe: 6000
honeydew: 7000
coconut: 8000
bananas: 9000
papaya: 10000
eggplant: 11000
pineapple: 12000
squash: 13000
watermelon: 14000
pumpkin: 15000

wonderful apple seed: 16,000
wonderful pea: 17,000
wonderful coffee bean: 18,000
wonderful olive: 19,000
wonderful grape: 20,000
wonderful cherry: 21,000
wonderful apricot: 22,000
wonderful kiwi: 23,000
wonderful clementine: 24,000
wonderful persimmon: 25,000
wonderful pear: 26,000
wonderful nectarine: 27,000
wonderful pomegranate: 28,000
wonderful grapefruit: 29,000
wonderful pomelo: 30,000
wonderful cantaloupe: 31,000
wonderful honeydew: 32,000
wonderful coconut: 33,000
wonderful bananas: 34,000
wonderful papaya: 35,000
wonderful eggplant: 36,000
wonderful pineapple: 37,000
wonderful squash: 38,000
wonderful watermelon: 39,000
wonderful pumpkin: 40,000

You may notice that Wonderful Pumpkin is once again the top level... we kept it there because it's a special book for our family! Mrs. Bee wrote up the story behind the wonderful pumpkin in a previous post:

<< The wonderful pumpkin is the highest level, and there’s a story behind why a pumpkin and why it’s wonderful. The Wonderful Pumpkin by Lennart Hellsing was one of my favorite childhood books. The story of two bears who travel the world inside a magic pumpkin must have resonated with my adventure loving self, even at the youngest of ages. My brother and I checked out The Wonderful Pumpkin from the library over and over again, and when I was pregnant with Charlie, it was the very first book that I purchased for him. He’s still a little too young to enjoy the story, but I hope that it becomes a childhood favorite for him as it was for me.

Another reason why I liked pumpkin as the highest level is my birthday is on October 30th so Halloween has always been one of my most favorite holidays, and baby bee #2 is going to be born via c-section on Halloween! So you could say that the pumpkin has a special place in my life. >>

So 15k posts will now be a Pumpkin... and then from there on up, every 1k new posts will get you to a new bee level. Until you hit 40k, in which case you are now a Wonderful Pumpkin!

We checked with our three wonderful pumpkins and they were all ok with the change. They are now a Wonderful Olive, a Wonderful Cherry and a Wonderful Clementine... WOW!!

One last thing: we had 24 levels before, and the numbers were coming out a bit funny... so we added a new bee level at 75 posts called grape. Grapes are between an olive and a cherry, right? I hope so!!

What's your bee level?