Okay, ya'll have to hear me out! We live in a tiny condo with one bedroom, and a useless upstairs loft. Although the loft is additional space, it's useless for us because it allows too much light and sound in since it's an open loft. Currently, we share the room with DS, but when DD comes along, I know that I will want to separate her from DS during sleep times as I imagine she will wake him up with her cries. Thankfully, we have two bathrooms, and I thought it would be an ingenious idea to have DD sleep in a Pack N Play in our downstairs bathroom....for...the first year or so. This way, we can close the door and still go about our night after she goes down for the night. The other idea was to attempt to install curtains to block out the light up in the loft, but that still would not solve the noise issue. Also, we could always use the bathroom fan as white noise! Hahaha. Anyway, this seems to be the easiest solution to me. Tell me I'm not crazy! Hahahaha. Any one else have to do something like this? HOW FIT TWO BABIES IN ONE BEDROOM PLACE??!! =P (We're not moving anytime soon because we own this place and can't afford an upgrade!)