Hi all,

Just wondering if anybody has any good tips or advice for dealing with a highly emotional 4yo boy??!

We are at our wits’ end most evenings as he is so full on and intense all day (this has become more noticeable in the few weeks leading up to turning 4), plus also he is currently on daycare holidays 😅

He also is super fussy with food - any ideas how to avoid the multiple dinner offers?

And since it is summer here, he refuses to sleep until it is dark (which is around 9.30pm/10pm.

My patience is thin due to my 6mo teething and sleeping poorly. Plus my older LO seems to play up specifically when I’m stuck on the couch BFing 😫

He is normally a super sweet kid and really engaging and kind, but right now he’s being a real handful and I don’t love the fact our whole evenings alternate between us trying not to bribe/threaten him but then also having cuddles to try and calm him down! Argh.

Any help or commiserations welcome!

Thanks & happy new year to everyone too