bike advice: planning to get my daughter a bike for her 5th birthday this spring. She has had a balance bike since age 2 and did well on it, but is generally pretty risk adverse so she never really went wild on it. She can pick up her feet and coast, but she wasn't racing around on it.

My husband got her a cheap, half broken pink bike with training wheels at the end of last summer (when she was too big for the balance bike we have, and requesting a pedal bike) and she really liked having pedals, and training wheels.

I know all the real bike people say don't do training wheels, and I suspect if she gave it a shot she could transition without them....but I think she might be a little sad not to have them.
I'd like to buy her a nicer bike that will last and be ready to hand down to her younger sibling. I am reading reviews for the Woom 3 which is the type of bike I'd like to get her- but it doesn't allow for training wheels.

Should I just get her one without training wheels and really dedicate sometime to hitting up the bike path and teaching her to ride this spring, or let her have the training wheels and she can make the choice about removing them.

I'm not sure if its relevant, but we don't bike ride that much (gravel driveway, road we live on isn't safe for it). I'm hoping if she gets proficient this spring she can ride her bike while I walk/jog with the baby in the stroller.