tl;dr: I need success stories about bottle refusing babies!

LO2 is 3 months and I went back to work this week. She's home with DH because he is temporarily unemployed for the next 3 months (accidental paternity leave! yay for him and boo for our bank account ). Anyhow. She won't take a bottle. My first 2 days back were half days, wouldn't take the bottle but I was home by noonish to feed her. I was gone 10 hours at work yesterday, pumped 15 oz, and she ate <1 oz at home. She's the opposite of LO1 (who would have been furious) and just quietly and sadly accepts her fate of starvation. I can't forget the look on her sad little face from coming home yesterday!

Not to mention I was pumping for her at work, but then come home to a ravenous baby who wants the 15 oz I pumped but not in bottles! So she barely left my boobs (poor nips) and I'm worried she's going to induce an oversupply (which I've had major issues with LO1 and worked really hard to not have this time around). Luckily I just work 3 days/week and off this weekend.

I'm planning to skip my second pumping session at work on Monday so I'm tanked up for a starving baby when I get home if she's still refusing (ouch for me). I suppose she'll get through this eventually but I need some stories to make me feel better!