Hi all,

I need help with bottles. Knowing that my son would be transferring care at 6 months to 2 days with my mom, and then at 6.5 months to 2 days at daycare as well, we were always pretty good about doing a bottle once a week never having an issue.

I got a bit lazy with it when we went through the 4 month sleep regression and now, for the past several weeks he refuses to take a bottle. We went on vacation, and on return we've been persistently been trying to offer, with no success.

He's taken a few sips from a weighted straw cup, but I disappeared today and he just started crying with my mom and the straw cup, she tried cup feeding him, and ended up asking me to help.

I don't want to keep buying different strategies, but also know he HAS to figure something out.

The guilt is killing me.

Those that had older babies in part-time care, and new bottle refusal... what ended up helping?