This is long, but I'm only 24 and pregnant with my first baby, so this c-section talk is FREAKING. ME. OUT.

Yesterday we had a growth scan at 32w3d, and found that our little diva is breech. We also found out that she's already about 4.5lbs, which is great news since she was at risk for IUGR! During the ultrasound she was frank breech, but just a few minutes later I was definitely feeling what felt like little kicks or pokes at the bottom of my belly, so maybe she likes to alternate between frank and incomplete...? I have such a hard time figuring out which body parts are which! I haven't had any rib pain, so I had no idea she was breech! The midwife seems to think that she won't turn at this point, but gave me a website with some tricks to try. She predicts a c-section in my future. BOOO!

At my next appointment (January 3rd) I'll get a cervical check, and if the OB doesn't feel her head, I'll get another U/S to see if she's still breech. If she's breech then, they'll go ahead and schedule my c-section (a ECV is not an option for me due to a cord abnormality). She has less than two weeks to be a good little girl and turn, and I'm starting to freak out a little.

So, for those who had breechies, what was your experience like? Any chance she'll still turn? When will they most likely schedule the section? I read they like to do it kind of early to minimize risk for an emergency c-section. I think I'd like to do it at 38w4d (February 1st) to schedule around hubs' work schedule - is that too early? She's expected to be about 7.5lbs+ by that point. I guess I'd just like some real life knowledge/advice/experience, so anything you have to share would be so appreciated!