husband is south asian and his mom told us I'm "not allowed" to have pineapple. I didn't care at all (because I've been so sick) until the other night when pineapple sounded SO GOOD to me and didn't make me feel nauseous....but DH would *not* let me get it.

His mother is convinced that eating even a few small pieces of pineapple will make me miscarry the baby. I looked it up online, and it seems to be an old wives tale. I'd apparently have to eat MANY pineapples, including the core, which contains some chemical that can, in large amounts, cause uterine contractions. However, it's not on my doctor's do not eat list, and my own mother ate it while pregnant with all 6 of her babies.

Still, my husband, who is normally laid back, was SO UPSET that I would even consider eating it when his mom said it was bad, he wouldn't even let me show him what I found online. This is the first time we've had this kind of issue. I ended up not getting the pineapple, but I really wanted it. And STILL want it.

SIGH. Anyone else have good stories of different cultural expectations while pregnant/after having a baby?

Also, when I was at his parents for Thanksgiving, and was extremely, extremely ill...his mom kept trying to feed me vegetable curries, and kept cooking all day long, even though the very smell of all that stuff was making my nausea so. much. worse. But she was convined it would help me, so she kept going.

Please someone entertain me with your stories!