Ok so looking for someone to tell me what is normal. DS is 2.5 and been in daycare for about 2 years, we were very selective with the program we chose and selected it for the philosophy and lower ratios. In the 2 years he has been there, only one teacher remains that he had. All have left, he did have the same lead teacher for the last year (she just left). He is doing extremely well, we are thrilled with his development and overall learning.

This most recent departure included both of his teachers. The supporting teacher either no showed after giving her notice (per the daycare) or would not lie to parents as the daycare asked her to and thus did not return (per the head teacher during her final week).

Now the turnover seems high to me and we have always wondered a little bit about the administration. Some teachers have just disappeared. There are several layers of administration and they seem to be more checked out as of late. The communication around these departures was poor and the solution not communicated until there were already subs in the room. I picked up yesterday and there was a sub alone with 10 kids which is above their lower ratios, but not the state mandated.

DS is moving up to a new classroom in a few weeks, they could not tell me about his new teachers yet as they allow teachers to move around if they so desire. Now I work in a corporate environment and would expect these things to be sorted out by now.

I am in maternity leave so we are starting to explore other options just in case we are not happy with the transition, especially since we will put DD in once she is a year old. Is that an overreaction? Is the turnover unusual? I take issue with the administration asking someone to lie about why they were leaving, but I know the truth is somewhere in the middle most likely. Ultimately DS is doing well at this time and that maybe should be all that matters? I guess the real question is do I disregard my questions on how things are run since he is thriving? He only attends 3 days a week and so far this week other than an accident after nap, he continues to be happy.

Sorry for the ramble!