This is a bunch of vent....

LO is 2.5 years now. In LO's daycare they move you up to the next classroom every half a year, depending on age and development. We have been in this daycare since LO was 1. Lately he is always being put on the "slower" track, and it worries the heck out of me every time when we are about to transition. His speech development is slower than his peers (I am assuming us being bilingual has a thing to do with it, I hope), but he is on par with the general children development guidelines (3-4 words associations, broken sentences...etc). Then, he never really asked to use the potty at school. Sigh!

He used to get transferred to the next classroom with his friends of same age, but now he is the last one. When we go pick him up, his room is filled with younger toddlers I've never seen, and when I go over to the next classroom, all his friends are in there! I almost felt left out / betrayed and I am not even the one who is being transferred lol.

We were told we will start in the next classroom in September 2 and transition will start this week. But again, they brushed us off to next week. I have brought it up to the director (casually asking her when we will be moved up), and she always brushed me off.

I know, I need to calm down, this is no big deal, but I can't help but feeling bad for LO, and make me wonder if I am doing something wrong that is not "stimulating" LO to catch up with his peers. It especially doesn't help when we were at our 2.5 year appointment, LO being extremely shy and won't talk to the doctor, and he asked, did you guys ever worried that he maybe autistic? Argh!!! The exact same thing happened when he was 2 years old (and they transferred him later than his peers), and I panicked and called Early Intervention for an assessment, and they assured me that he is developing on par and he is advanced in some aspects.

Husband said I didn't bribe the director at daycare and that's why we didn't get transferred. hahaha.

Just super bummed. Anyone has similar experiences? Any tips on helping me to calm down?