So DH and I have been both TTC and looking for houses for several months now with no luck on either.

As we look at listings, I've really started to wonder whether we would be better off waiting until AFTER we get pregnant and have kids to buy a home. Part of me worries it will just get harder if we wait (and we currently live in a great month to month apt with no in unit laundry), but part of me worries that what we want will change, and that we will get in over our heads on a payment when we need the cash for daycare.

What did you do: buy a house before kids or wait? Do you regret it? What do you think you should have done?

FYI we live in a high cost of living area where it is cheaper to rent than buy by about $300-700 a month (with taxes and insurance included, so the taxes might come back to us). I have a very steady job, but DH is self employed at a pretty steady but not great level. We currently plan on him working from home with the kid with at most part time child care, but I worry he will actually freak and we will need to do more day care than we anticipate now (though if we do he understands he needs to bring in at least 10k to 20k more than he does currently).

In case it helps we make about 90 k a year household, and homes cost about 350k to 400k. We have 15k down and 10k for closing. Only debt is 360/mo car payment.